Monday, June 24, 2013

Baruch Shehecheyanu--some good news before The 3 Weeks

  • No more mortgage payments!
We just received the official papers from the bank a few days ago--our mortgage is now paid in full, over a year early!  Yay!!!  Now, to use that money to help pay down the home-equity line of credit before the Punster retires . . .

  • Traditional egalitarian at last!
Our local Conservative synagogue finally went egalitarian this past Shabbat!  I was looking forward to being the first woman ever to have an aliyah there on a regular Shabbat--we're been "cheating" on Simchat Torah for years--but, fortunately, I caught myself, and suggested to the only female congregant who gets to shul even earlier than I do--a woman considerably my senior--that she have that honor.  It seemed only right to defer to my elders.

I'm looking forward to leading Shabbat Minchah as soon as I get my voice back from that stupid cold I had a few weeks ago.


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